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Accounting services for businesses in Chapter 7 or 11

Trustee Resource Group offers complete accounting services including payroll processing and Chapter 11 UST reports. We do this for ourselves, let us do it for you.

Trustees and businesses in either Chapter 7 or 11 can benefit from having TRG handle the bankruptcy trustee accounting function.

In Chapter 7 cases, TRG provides many bankruptcy trustee accounting services which include the following:

  • Payroll service provider

    • File quarterly payroll reports

    • Year-end reports, including W2, 1099 and all other necessary reports

  • Review QuickBooks for preference recoveries and potential prior year refunds

  • TRG will review prior year and prepare current financial statements

  • Prior year tax returns will be reviewed for potential refunds for the estate

  • Consulting


Importantly, we will educate Trustees on what to look for as they review a business’s history. Businesses typically do not go bad in just six months. TRG will help determine when they became insolvent. When the occasion arises, we will also provide forensic fraud review.

In Chapter 11 cases, TRG offers the following services:

  • TRG will maintain the accounting software online with 24/7 access for the Trustee

  • Complete payroll processing, including filing of payroll taxes

  • Cash flow management

  • Manage accounts receivable collections and accounts payable processing

  • UST reporting


With TRG, you get the all the advantages of working with experts in bankruptcy trustee accounting, and who share their knowledge with those in our insurance and tax departments to the benefit of the Trustee and the estate.


For more information, contact: 

Cheryl Wesler at 269-482-1015 or

Laura Allison at 269-482-1015 or

Kristin Salmon at 269-482-1015 or

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