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Tax Services

A regional firm led by CPAs with a national bankruptcy presence

Trustee Resource Group (TRG) is a regional firm led by CPAs with a national insolvency presence.  


Let TRG meet your compliance requirements for bankruptcy estate tax filings.  As an insolvency tax firm, we have gained the experience on complex tax issues with various debtors and industries. With TRG, you receive the advantage of working with professionals who are well versed in the bankruptcy tax code.


TRG assist trustees nationwide with the following tax services:

  • Review the bankruptcy estate potential tax liability for the trustee prior to sale

  • Prepare and file the federal and all state bankruptcy estate tax returns

  • Prepare and file the prompt determination letters for federal and state in compliance with 11 U.S. Code § 505(b)

  • Assist in complex tax issues 

  • Respond and assist with IRS and state notices

  • Consulting 


For more information, contact: 

Cheryl Wesler at 269-482-1015 or

Laura Allison at 269-482-1015 or

Kristin Salmon at 269-482-1015 or

***Important Change to the Request for Prompt Determination Process***

The "Request for Prompt Determination" can be faxed to the Centralized Insolvency Operation Effective October 1, 2020.  The request must be marked "Request for Prompt Determination" in the subject line of the fax.  The fax number is (844)250-2035.  Let us know if we can assist in this revised process.

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